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Breaking Down the US Onshore Rig Count

Source: Baker Hughes In addition to releasing third-quarter results today, oil-services outfit Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) updated its widely watched rig count data. Although the level of activity has shifted considerably in individual basins,  the ...

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The Picks: Offshore Boom

Contract drillers aren't in the business of exploring for or producing oil and natural gas, nor are their earnings and revenues directly dependent on the vagaries of global commodity markets. But since the contract drilling ...

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The Picks: Oil-Field Services

Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB) With a market capitalization of $96 billion, Schlumberger  is the largest of the Big Four oil-field services companies and more than three times the size of Halliburton (NYSE: HAL). The firm is ...

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Riding the Cycle

The end of easy oil is a secular trend that will provide a long-term tailwind for the services industry. However, investors also need to be attuned for short-term downdrafts and updrafts in this cyclical industry ...

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