Exxon's Potential Acquisition of Pioneer

"Some of the most popular oil and natural gas related investments out there are extremely dangerous to own right now."

Elliott H. Gue 

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The EIA Advantage

A Bottom of the Cycle Buying Opportunity

Unloved energy stocks are the cheapest they’ve been in decades.

But our favorites have already turned the corner to a new bull market.

All of the tell tale signs are there:

A. Steadying oil and gas prices as demand and supply return to balance

B. An explosive return to earnings and dividend growth for leading companies even as mortally wounded “zombie” companies bust

C. A surge of “insider” buying by energy executives, directors and smart money at the best companies, and

D. A new wave of sector mergers and acquisitions just to name four. If you’ve ever dreamed of buying household name companies of an essential industry at penny stock prices at bottom of the cycle, now is the time to strike!

The Winner’s Edge

The Portfolio is a one-stop shop for cashing on this new energy bull market. Our readers get straight-to-the-point advice on what to buy and what to sell. Energy and Income Advisor is the only energy stock advisory to survive, thrive and ultimately outlast the energy bear market of the last six years. We did it by putting our nearly 60 years of combined experience in this industry to work picking out only the top-run, financially strongest and best-positioned companies to ride out the storm. Now comes the big payoff, as these leaders get ready to blast off in a once a generation opportunity to secure growth and income.

High Protected Yields

Never in market history have so many energy companies offered dividend yields of 7, 10, 15 even 20 percent. The trick is to know which of them are capable of sustaining and growing those payouts, and which will wind up cutting those dividends. Our quality first stock picking system has identified nearly two-dozen companies with safe dividend yields as high as 15 percent. In fact, half of them have raised their payouts at least once during the last 12 months, and the rest are a lock to do so at least once over the next year.

A Whole Day Affair

At Energy and Income Advisor, our members are always the priority. So, once a month we offer something no other energy advisory does: A members only online webchat that literally lasts as long as there are any questions left in the queue to answer. It’s fair to say these free-ranging events are for many the most popular feature of our advisory. Some have lasted as long as nine hours. They’re a time to ask for a deeper dive into recommendations, big picture trends and the stocks we don’t like or any other investing related topic.

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