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The breakout of oil prices above $80 globally and $70 in North America have justifiably grabbed the headlines. But when it comes to most energy stocks, the outlook for natural gas is at least equally important to returns.

This issue of Energy and Income Advisor, we highlight current natural gas market dynamics and our near and longer-term forecast for supply, demand and prices. We then zero in on developments at several of the more natural gas heavy names in our EIA Actively Managed Portfolio and Focus List.

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  • The Outlook for Gas

    By Elliott H. Gue on Oct. 3, 2018

    Since the end of 2011, the average weekly closing price for front-month US natural gas futures is roughly $3.15/MMBtu, in-line with the current price of $3.12/MMBtu. In the short term, US gas storage levels are at the lowest levels in 15 years, supply growth is constrained and demand remains robust. That could lead to a spike in NYMEX gas futures to $4/MMBtu or higher this winter.

  • Endangered Dividends List

    By Roger S. Conrad on Oct. 3, 2018

    Endangered Dividends List companies are vulnerable for different reasons like cash flow, elevated debt levels, revenue pressure etc.

  • Endangered Dividends List

    By Roger S. Conrad on Sep. 22, 2018

    Ferrellgas Partners (NYSE: FGP) has exhausted a $50 million reserve for paying distributions. Under its debt covenants, the propane distributor MLP will have to suspend its distribution entirely, until the consolidated fixed charge coverage ratio recovers.

  • Roundtable: Our Views On Super Majors

    By Roger S. Conrad on Sep. 22, 2018

    Talking Point #1: What’s your general view of the super major oils at this time? • Roger Conrad (RC): I became a shareholder of Chevron Corp (NYSE: CVX) when it acquired the former Texaco, which I believe was actually the first stock I ever bought. I was fresh out of business school and made an investment in Texaco’s dividend reinvestment plan, and I’m happy to report that I literally make more in dividends every year than my original investment.

  • Model Portfolios: Simplifying our Strategy

    By Roger S. Conrad on Sep. 4, 2018

    Starting in September, we’re taking a giant step to simplify our Energy and Income Advisor Portfolio strategy. Our 3 Model Portfolios are divided into “Conservative” and “Aggressive” Holdings. The Conservative stocks are intended to be bedrock positions, where our objective is long-term capital appreciation and in most cases a rising stream of income. The Aggressive stocks carry more risk but also more upside potential and often very high yields to reward your wait.

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