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The shale oil and gas revolution is pushing the US toward energy independence and creating huge fortunes for savvy investors.
Energy experts Elliott Gue and Roger Conrad, founders and editors
of Energy & Income Advisor, will show you how to profit from this gusher
and lock in sky-high dividend yields that could be tax-free forever...

They say America is passed its prime… And it's easy to believe them when you look at the economy and the never-ending fiasco in Washington, DC.

But one sector is growing like gangbusters--all thanks to American innovation and hard work, the qualities that make this nation great.

New drilling techniques pioneered by George Mitchell, a first-generation Greek immigrant who never heard the word "quit," have enabled enterprising producers to extract oil and gas trapped in shale formations.

While the political theater plays out in Washington, the success of our domestic energy industry has become the envy of China and Western Europe. And it's easy to see why both are scrambling to mimic our technology.

In recent years, robust drilling activity in prolific shale plays has enabled America to overtake Russia as the world's leading producer of natural gas and grow its oil output for the first time in decades.

These feats are even more impressive when you consider that they occurred despite a government ban on deepwater drilling after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Real Stimulus for the Economy--and Your Portfolio

The shale oil and gas revolution has provided a much-needed stimulus to the US economy:

  • America's growing abundance of domestically produced natural gas means that households and commercial customers enjoy some of the lowest gas and electricity costs in the world.
  • Surging domestic production of natural gas liquids has breathed new life into the US petrochemical industry by lowering its feedstock costs to the point that American chemical plants enjoy superior cash margins to competitors in Europe and China.
  • The American Chemical Council has cataloged $72 billion in planned chemical and plastics projects to take advantage of America's cheap and bountiful domestic energy.
  • US imports of light-sweet crude oil continue to shrink and will soon hit zero on the Gulf Coast, reducing America's reliance on expensive foreign oil.
  • US exports of propane, gasoline and diesel have surged to record highs and the nation is building the infrastructure to liquefy and export low-cost natural gas to high-priced markets in Asia.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in oil and natural-gas extraction increased by 22 percent over the past three years.
  • Research outfit IHS estimates that the number of jobs directly or indirectly supported by the domestic energy boom will increase to 3.3 million by 2020.

More important, this American Revolution is also creating a fortune for smart investors.

Consider this:

In September 2008, Wall Street crumbled. Major banks became beggars. The US stumbled into the Great Recession and the not-so-great recovery.

Some of our favorite oil and gas producers--leading players in the shale revolution that we recommended as far back as 2006--have delivered explosive returns. Investors who bought our favorite producers in North Dakota's Bakken Shale that we recommended in 2008 and 2010 are ahead anywhere from 178% to 268%.


MLPs: High Yields, Low Taxes
and Plenty of Upside

Master limited partnerships (MLPs for short) are one of our favorite ways to profit from the shale oil and gas revolution because of their enormous dividends, super yields and reliable cash flow.

If you'd like a nice inflation hedge that pours a steady stream of cash into your portfolio, cash that is tax-free potentially forever, you need to check out MLPs.

Just think how much faster your nest egg would multiply if every dividend dollar you earned stayed in your own account, and none ended up in Uncle Sam's.

Apart from that sweet tax break, what we love most about MLPs are their ever–rising distributions. No other asset class anywhere hikes its distributions more consistently than MLPs do. Some MLPs have hiked them for more than 40 quarters in row.

Why are they so dependable? Because most MLPs operate "midstream" energy assets–– pipelines, storage tanks, terminals, etc.

In other words, they profit from moving energy, not from digging it up and selling it. .. so the more energy the world uses, the better.

And with surging US oil and gas production pushing the country closer to energy independence, there's tons of demand for new pipelines, processing facilities and other infrastructure to get these hydrocarbons from the field to the market.

If you prize high yields it doesn't get much better. The 10 most generous yielders in this space right now throw off an average yield of 12.9%.

It's clearly the soaring yields that attract most investors to MLPs. But there's a growth story here, too. Plenty of MLPs have been capital gains bonanzas for investors. Buy into these cash cows, hold on for the long term, and you could make a fortune. Plenty of investors already have.

Check out what happened with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners...

If you had put $10,000 in Kinder Morgan at its launch in 1992, you would have gotten 430 shares for your money. Now, after two 2:1 splits, you'd have 1720 shares worth $151,360. And you'd be pulling in $8,944 in dividends annually—an 89.4% yield on your initial $10,000 investment—every year! And let's not forget the $88,509 in dividends you would have already pocketed over the years.

Of course, if you had reinvested your distributions you'd be even happier. You'd now have 7,380 shares worth $649,440. And you'd be set for another $38,376 payout this year. (That's almost four times your initial investment!)

Kinder Morgan isn't the only fast grower out there. In fact, we've found 13 MLPs that have boosted their dividends more than 10% a year over the past five years.

How the "Tortoise King" Wins the Race
"My most valuable investing trait? At the risk of sounding dull, I'd have to say it's patience.
Maybe that's why they call me the "Tortoise King." I'm not sure it's a compliment, but it works for me.
Starting in the late 1980s—when I was still in my 20s and just getting started in my career—I opened a series of dividend reinvestment plans. In 1992, I put $250 in what was then Texaco, and now is Chevron. It seems like nothing today, but that was a fair chunk of money for me at the time.
Now I wish I had put in more. A lot more! Because over the past 20 years, that $250 has grown to nearly $10,000, all on its own, just by reinvesting its rising stream of dividends and watching the company grow. Same goes for some hugely successful DRIPs I bought for Philadelphia Suburban (now Aqua America), Dominion Resources and other "boring" utility companies.
I've made plenty of mistakes over my investing career, but one thing I did right is to leave these investments alone, and let these great companies grow and pay me more every year. And I've never forgotten that, no matter how hairy the markets have gotten at times."

The Expertise to Energize Your Portfolio

The move to a 24-hour news cycle has created an environment where sensationalism rules the day, with media outlets jockeying to attract the most eyeballs–and advertising dollars. Against this backdrop, investing in what you know is critical to building wealth in the stock market.

We're Elliott Gue and Roger Conrad and we know energy.

In fact, we've been helping individual investors identify the most profitable opportunities in this sector for almost 40 years. You may know us from The Energy Strategist, Utility Forecaster and MLP Profits--long-running investment advisories that we founded and ran for decades.

We left our old publisher and founded Energy & Income Advisor with one goal in mind: to provide individual investors with unbiased, high-quality research and in-depth analysis of profitable investment opportunities.

Every issue of Energy & Income Advisor reflects almost four decades of investing experience, wisdom that has helped us to steer our readers to some of the top-performing MLPs this year.

Master Limited Partnership YTD Return Current Yield
Leading Producer of Silica Sand for Hydraulic Fracturing 147% 5.75%
A leading pipeline owner in the Marcellus Shale and other major plays 63% 3.60%
An undervalued terminal owner that was our top turnaround play for 2013 58% 6.10%
Our top play on US diesel and propane exports 58% 3.06%

And we're even more excited about our top MLP pick for 2014.

This one's another turnaround story that yields more than 7% and offers exposure to the huge upsurge in US crude-oil production.

The market is overlooking the company's sponsor, which plans to drop down a number of high-value pipelines to our favorite MLP over the next few years. Our readers have been able to load up on this stock before the herd catches on.

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But we're making an exception for highly motivated investors such as yourself.

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Sticking to One Thing and Doing It Well
I'm an energy guy. Always have been and always will be.
Now and then I envy those investing dilettantes who flit around from one "hot sector" to the next. I'll be the first to admit there are plenty of fascinating nooks and crannies in the markets apart from energy - and other ways to make decent money, too.
But I can assure you that I wouldn't have been invited to address the G-8 conference in Tokyo if I had been a jack-of-all-trades. When you spend your entire investment career focused on one sector you develop an invaluable perspective - and a good grip on the big picture. And that's an advantage that no generalist will ever have.
This perspective has proved to be lucrative. For example, when fear-mongering pundits claimed that the Macondo oil spill marked the end of offshore drilling, I explained to the crowds at the 2010 San Francisco MoneyShow that the death of deepwater exploration and production was greatly exaggerated. Investors who heeded my contrarian call were handsomely rewarded after investing on shares of contract drillers and equipment providers.
So I'll stick to what I know best. And I have no doubt I'll stay busy: the energy industry is so complex, varied and far-reaching that it offers more opportunities than a single investor could take advantage of in a lifetime.

Specialized advisory services like ours often sell for $2,000 or more a year. So our $549 introductory fee is a bargain--especially since most other services cover only a part of the picture.

That's how we used to operate, too. For years, we released our energy research piecemeal in a string of narrow publications. Together, those services cost more than $1,500 per year--and we had thousands of subscribers happy to pay up.

Now that we're on our own, we're trying something different. Energy & Income Advisor covers the entire energy investment waterfront in one publication. This makes our own lives simpler and gives our readers more value at the same time.

Your subscription will give you instant access to a treasure trove of investment knowledge and tools:

  • Two issues of Energy & Income Advisor each month that contain Elliott and Roger's in-depth analysis of global energy markets and investment opportunities.
  • Access to our Focus List, Elliott and Roger's top stocks in today's market, and two Model Portfolios that are sorted by risk, from conservative holdings that you can buy and forget to riskier fare that offers the potential for explosive returns.
  • Unmatched coverage of oil and gas royalty trusts and initial public offerings in the energy patch.
  • Vital statistics on all 99 energy-focused MLPs, as well as Elliott and Roger's invaluable insights, comments and analysis. Our MLP Ratings table is a must-read for any serious investor with money in master limited partnerships.
  • Roger Conrad's expert coverage of more than 70 dividend-paying Canadian energy stocks. Energy & Income Advisor is your top resource for fat yields and huge returns North of the Border.
  • Actionable Alerts that notify you of buying opportunities or analyze stock-specific developments.
  • Exclusive monthly Live Chats in which subscribers can fire away with any stock-specific or market-related question that might be on their mind. Other analysts charge as much as $5,000 for this level of access.
  • A Free Bonus Subscription to Capitalist Times Premium ($99 value), our generalist investment advisory.

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All sorts of stocks pay dividends. But when you sift through the real cash cows–stocks yielding 6% or more–seven of the 10 top long-term winners are in energy. And they averaged a 688% gain each.

Clearly, if you're after profits that could make a real difference in your financial situation, dividend-paying energy stocks are a good hunting ground.

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To Your Wealth,

Roger Conrad Elliott Gue