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  • Roger S. Conrad

Portfolio: Deep Dive on Strategy

By Elliott H. Gue on Jan. 18, 2021

Energy is arguably the most deeply cyclical industry in the S&P 500 and the downcycle that started in 2014 has been the deepest downturn the industry has faced since at least the second half of the 1980’s.

The good news is that, while no two cycles are exactly alike, prior downturns and recoveries in the energy patch can serve as a useful roadmap for what to expect over the next few months and, indeed, the next few years. Right now, the signposts we watch suggest we’re in the early stages of a new commodity price and energy stock bull market that’s historically results in strong, market-beating returns for the group.

Take a look at our basic cycle “roadmap” we’ve published in this service on a number of occasions since 2014.

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In October 2012, renowned energy expert Elliott Gue launched the Energy & Income Advisor, a twice-monthly investment advisory that's dedicated to unearthing the most profitable opportunities in the sector, from growth stocks to high-yielding utilities, royalty trusts and master limited partnerships.

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    • Elliott H. Gue

      Founder and Chief Analyst: Capitalist Times and Energy & Income Advisor

    • Roger S. Conrad

      Founder and Chief Analyst: Capitalist Times and Energy & Income Advisor